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Institute of New Energy
Fudan- Huayi
Micro-nano Elec. Materials
Functional Molecular Materials
Photoelec. Materials & Devices

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Institute of New Energy (INE) was established in October 2008, based on the Laboratory of Advanced Materials of Fudan University (science and technology platform) in many aspects. Academician of Chinese Academy of Science, Professor Zhao Dongyuan assumes the dean. Focusing on the medium- and long-term development plan for national science and technology, and the research of  energy-saving, reduction of emission, and exploitation of renewable energy, INE is in close cooperation with enterprises to develop new technologies and products, enhance the application and demonstration, to comprehensively promote the ability of science and technology innovation on the new energy exploitation and utilization. Taking the research of new energy materials as the breakthrough point and based on the previous research on functional molecule materials, INE assembles researchers in fields of physics, chemistry, material and biology and concentrates on the investigation of high-performance energy storage materials, solar cell materials, fossil energy technologies, biomass energy and energy-saving technologies.
1. Efficient Energy Storage Materials.
1) energy storage systems and technologies with high specific energy and specific power
2) thin-film, micro-nano batteries and materials
3) efficient hydrogen storage materials and technologies
4) new materials and systems for electrochemical energy storage

2. New Technologies for Fossil Energy
1) investigation on the relationship between selective synthesis of olefin or aromatic products and the structures, surface properties of the catalysts.
2) development of novel micro-mesoporous molecular sieves, and investigation of the impact of morphology, pore structure, etc. on the reaction activity and lifetime.
3) investigation of the reaction specificity on basis of MTO, MTP, MTG and MTA reactions.
3. Biomass Energy.
1) screening, breeding and improvement of the fine plants (such as Jerusalem artichoke) for biomass industry.
2) selection and cultivation of fermentation strains with high ethanol yield.
3) novel efficient and energy-saving technologies for ethanol extract; establishment of a complete technology chain for production of ethanol from Jerusalem artichoke.
4. Solar Cell Materials
Design and synthesis of novel organic materials for efficient solar cells and development of new energy-saving technologies.
5. Energy-saving technology
1) Improvement of LED efficiency by optimizing the structures of the photonic crystals.
2) Investigation of wind/photovoltaic hybrid lighting technology, network lighting control technology and natural lighting technology.
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